hybrid CH-16

Posted by Karl on Apr 27, 2005

Okay folks, my next project, should I choose to accept... A CH-16, built from the plans in Chris Kulczicki's book, with a hybrid cedar strip deck.

Question: anyone with experience in the pros and cons of bead & cove vs. sanded beveled edges vs. straight strips laid as tight as possible? I'd prefer not to have to buy extra tools (I'll be cutting strips myself and I've been put on a money diet by my significant other).

Since I'm only doing the deck, and am likely to put some type of pattern into it, would bead & cove be more of a pain than it's worth anyway?

Kurt, you Kopious Kompendium of Kayaking Knowledge, I'd love to hear from you on this one, particularly what you did with the cormorant decks.


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