Re: I live near to Waters

Posted by Karl on Apr 26, 2005

My $0.02 worth after taxes. The only things that I have had to add to my CLC kit were varnish, brushes and sandpaper. Though at some point I may add a carved minicell seat. I looked at Waters Dancing, and they do truly have some beautiful craft, particularly the Solace series. $$ became the difference. A CH-18 with rudder option delivered to my doorstep, at the time I ordered it, came to ~ $950 including shipping. A Solace 18XL (gorgeous big guy boat) was running at around a grand (U.S. Funds) without the rudder or shipping. I also looked at Roy Folland's kits, and somehow managed to miss Shearwater's in the process of looking.

The CLC also appeared to be an easier build for a first timer.

Bottom line, the cool thing about this market is that it's a niche market. Every company out there that are making kits, are run by people who share a passion for boating. I don't think that you can go wrong with any of them. Let's face it, Donald Trump isn't in this business, because the return on the investment just isn't in his league. The people who are in it, are in it because they feel it.

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