Re: Sassafras 14'

Posted by Greg M. on Apr 26, 2005

I plan on building either a Sass 14 from plans in the Canoe Shop book. To make the layouts easy, they use a full sheet of plywood for the five panels. They're cut out by stacking four sheets of plywood. Do you think the 14 could be built from two sheets, all twenty panels being cut from a stack of four 2' by 8' pieces of plywood?

Also, are you building your 14 from 4mm or 6mm? I feel the 4mm would be strong enough with the narrow panels and many lap fillets.

I have built the Sas 12 from a kit and love the boat. It's more like a kayak however, and I'm looking for something larger that paddles like a canoe and I could take the grandkids.

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