I live near to Waters D.

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Apr 26, 2005

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, about six blocks from the Waters Dancing shop. I own two of their boats and drool over several others. I can't directly compare CLC to Waters Dancing because I have never paddled a CLC, I've only seen one in passing on the river. Based on hearsay, I can say that CLC and Waters Dancing are equal competitors in many respects. CLC is a way larger company while Waters Dancing is a smaller company.

That said, the Waters Dancing boats all exhibit excellent very good stability. The 17 foot boats all have lots of storage space for weekend trips or longer. I have used the Lightning 17 to kayak across most of Western Canada. During that trip I was very comfortable in the WD S&G seat, which I lined with closed-cell foam for comfort.

All WD boats track well until you get below the 16' length, then they start getting twitchy, which is normal behaviour for shorter boats. I have always enjoyed the Lightning 17, it is a very dependable kayak that I trust with my life every time I go out. I drool over the new Solace designs. They are rounder with one extra chine, have great stability and look down right sexy. They are also much faster designs than the Lightning or other WD designs. That makes them ideal first boats.

The kits come with everything you need to get the boat on the water, including foot pegs, the seat, and deck lines. Donnie at WD will give you excellent service and a very well thought out manual.

I believe that CLC designs are similar to WD for every aspect including stability and speed. The only difference might be what you get in a kit to make the boat complete.

Robert N Pruden

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