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Posted by CLC on Apr 26, 2005

They are identical in watertightness to our standard hatches, neither more or less watertight.

At Charleston last week, people spent a lot of time trying out rolls in our boats, and it was interesting to compare the ones with flush hatches and those without after three days. Only a few spoonsfull of leakage.

The front hatch on our demo Sport Tandem had the most water on it. But it rained buckets on the way down, and that boat was outside on top of the trailer on the highway. 70MPH and heavy rain over 11 hours versus standard hatch; a few cupfuls ain't all bad. The Chesapeake Double demo model has the same standard hatches and was alongside the ST, but its front hatch was dusty dry. Guess the straps were pulled down tighter.

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