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Posted by Bob Kiessling on Apr 26, 2005

Built a Sassafras 16', finished it a little over a year ago. Have used it in both fresh and salt water. Granted the salt water is a bay but it can built a chop. Boat handles beautifully, tracks true even in a stiff wind. It also rides well in the water. First time in the water, it may feel tipsy due to its light weight. You'll soon get a feel for the boat, its balance and the way it handles. Have used my 16 footer as both a double with my wife and as a single using the front seat and facing what would normally be the stern. In the 16 footer this gives the boat balance when paddling alone. Can't find any fault to date with the boat, except hefting it to the top of my car, but that's not the boats fault.

The best part comes when your launching or beached at the end of a trip. People approach you to admire the beauty and lines of the boat. It sparks a number of questions and the opportunity to respond. Its a great boat to show off.

Enjoy the time spent building and the finished product.

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