scarf and stich mistakes

Posted by Peter Clark on Apr 26, 2005

I could use some advice. I believe that in gluing the bottom panels of a CH 16 to length, I somehow slightly twisted them so that they weren't so straight along the keel. I figured that I would just roll with it (since there wasn't anything I could do once I found the problem) but now I'm nearly done with stitching the hull together and am afraid I'm in a pickle. Let me explain the issues ...

First, the bottom pieces of the hull are about 1/16 of an inch too long in the front which is probably just my poor job of lining things up and not going back to check once I started stitching.

Worse than that is the fact that although I'm not done sticthing the sides to the bottom, it looks like I'll be 3/8 of an inch short on the back. That is to say, the bottom pieces will be shorter than the length of the sides.

The third issue is that along the keel, the "V" is deeper in the middle than I believe it should be. The bottom panels touch near the center of the boat along the keel but have an ever increasing gap as you move away from the center towards the ends.

As I mentioned, I haven't finished stitching together the hull (I have about two feet left to go) but wanted some feedback before I made anything worse than it already was.

I'm a bit frustrated with myself because I didn't run into any problems like this with my CH 17lt and I'm kicking myself for not being more careful with this boat as it is supposed to be a gift.



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