Re: Epoxy pox

Posted by George K on Apr 26, 2005

Not an uncommon problem and one that's been covered here many times. MAS slow is blush free. You have the dreaded Fish-Eyes. Well, not you, personally and I hope you didn't take it that way. If you didn't use a tack rag it's nothing you did wrong. I use a roller on all coats of epoxy as it puts down a thin, even layer that you can't get with a brush. Then I tip it out with a 3" foam brush to get rid of bubbles. Fish-eyes will develope mostly in the first hour so it's not unusual to have to use the foam brush to smooth them out during that time. It ties you to the boat for a while but it's worth it. Actually you could go eat a sandwich, come back and tip them out. In any case they're nothing to worry about, just a pain in the butt.

In Response to: Epoxy pox by Kemp on Apr 25, 2005



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