Re: Marine window

Posted by terry on Apr 26, 2005

I'm with Charlie on this one.

Having lived in Florida, the home of many a glass-bottomed boat, the best ones have the glass shaded, either under an awning or in a cabin. Otherwise the glare cuts down on visibility.

Better to buy one of those viewing tubes with the glass end and face piece. Or make one out of some large PVC, lexan and foam insullation. I just glued the lexan on the end of an 18"-long piece of 6" PVC (lifted from a dumpster at a construction site) and cut the other end with a scroll saw to follow the contours of my face. Lastly, I glued some weather stripping on the face-end for comfort, and bolted on two brass cabinet pulls for handles.

I can send you a comlete kit to make one of these for $1,000, or I can send you detailed, engineered plans with a 200-page illustrated construction manual for $100 :)


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