Re: Bow reinforcement?

Posted by terry on Apr 26, 2005


I doubt you could reach up under the deck to install a proper eye-bolt with backing plate. An option is to install a four screw bronze or stainless pad eye. You may have to add some more epoxy in the endpour to give the four screws something to bite into. I wouldn't rely only on screws in the soft shear clamp to hold a towing padeye. Also, I don't think that towing from a bow padeye is always the best idea, particularly in rough seas and/or high winds. This can put undue strain on the hull and, in gusts, can create a unintended kite (trust me, I know this). Better to try to get the kayak aboard the tow boat or at least lash it firmly alongside.

Many of us carry a towing belt - essentially a 2" belt with a quick release buckle and a length of polypropylene line ending in a sturdy clip. This allows for towing with the paddler aboard to keep the boat under control and it avoids potential damage to the boat.

Just some thoughts early in the day, so maybe not as lucid as one might like


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