Re: Bow reinforcement?

Posted by Mac on Apr 26, 2005


Hi, and welcome aboard.

Firstly, what a neat name for an ISP -"bossanovaguitar". How cool is that?

Secondly, I have no experience with the shell, but if it is anything like the other CLC craft, there is probably what is called an End Pour of epoxy way up in the bow and stern. If I'm correct, you should be able to safely attach either a bit or eyebolt into this mass.

If there is no end pour mentioned in your plans, I'm quite sure you could do one at the appropriate time. The trick might be finding a place where you can securely stand the shell on it's nose while the epoxy cures. Folk seem to use trees successfully as I recall.

There is also nothing wrong with your idea of installing some additional ply or a wooden block under the deck and between the shear clamps prior to installing the deck.

Please wait a bit to be sure that those with more experience than myself get a chance to comment here.

From what I've seen in the catalogue, you are building one very beautiful boat!

Best of luck, have a lot of fun, and send pictures if you can of your progress.


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