Re: Stain?

Posted by Karl on Apr 25, 2005

I stained the individual parts of my sunset pattern before glassing the deck. After epoxy and varnish, the pattern of the grains really stands out. I heard somewhere (maybe here) that water base stain is the best choice because solvents may affect the epoxy to wood bond. I used regular Minwax W/B stain, which seems to wick into the wood and dry fairly quickly. I'm sure there are other types and other folks who have used them, so this is the place to ask.

One suggestion; think light, as in color. Bear in mind that the final color of the stain will be imapacted somewhat by the color of the wood. Since Okoume is a few shades darker than a lot of furniture grade woods like maple, pine, birch etc. a dark stain will likely darken up even more than it would on these. If you're building from plans, you'll probably have some scrap to try it out on. If you have a kit, try a little on your sheer clamp planing guide.

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