Re: Glueing Velcro

Posted by terry on Apr 25, 2005

Actually, I've had some problems with 3M Super 77 in high heat situations, like when the boats are car-topped in July with the black cockpit covers on. It has loosened on some minicell and neoprene. I don't use it on velcro, preferring waterproof contact cement instead.

The black ick (or occassionally, green ick) is a problem. That's another reason why I build those little platforms into the cockpit bottoms. The water is free to slosh under the platform rather than splash up on the seat and hit you right in the you-know-where. I usually pull out the velcroed seat to let it dry underneath just in case.

We should all try to agree on a gluing technique,

so we can all stick together.


In Response to: Re: Glueing Velcro by Dave Houser on Apr 25, 2005



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