Re: Sailrig on double

Posted by don on Apr 25, 2005

I just sent out my money order to purchase the sailrig plans and would be interested in hearing from you on your construction experience. As to your question, while I don't know the answer, I will suggest you do some additional research online (if there is no response here, of course). Search under small boat sailing, canoe sailing, etc... While I don't have specific sites to send you to, I do remember seeing several sites that discussed the 'tuning' of sail and leeboard location to a canoe/kayak. Of course, your question seems more focussed on the outrigger placement but I'm guessing that different locations would elicit different performance characteristics from our boat. Additionally, how much and where your boat's load is positioned can have a dramatic impact on performance...and you thought building it was the hard part... :) I'm guessing that others have enough experience with your specific question to get you close enough to be able to fine tune performance through the judicious placement of yourself and load in the boat...

Again, would be interested in hearing about your construction experience and seeing any pics you may have. I will try to track down the sites I mentioned in return...

Good luck!


In Response to: Sailrig on double by Steve on Apr 24, 2005



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