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Posted by Kurt Loup on Apr 25, 2005


I now have a Delta DC-380 15" planer that I purchased remanufactured for about 50% off retail. There is no comparison between my old planer and this one. I've run a lot of rough lumber, oak, walnut, cypress and mahogany through it and the blades don't need sharpening yet. I would have easily gone through two sets of the double sided Delta portable blades. If you ever want to buy some old iron, there is a place near Circle Saw off of Ella where I purchased my 50's vintage jointer. Before my carpenter/cabinet maker friend purchased a Jet 15" planer, he swore by his Dewalt portable planer. He used it for a living and didn't have any problems like I did with the blades. I think he still has it to bring to jobsites. Not sure how the current models compare to the older Dewalt and Delta planers.

I wish I could make it this weekend, but it is too long of a drive for me to make over the weekend. If it was in Houston, I'd be there.


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