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Posted by walter crandall on Apr 25, 2005

From a construction perspective, you will receive 8' pieces of Ocume and have to put them together. The CLC scarf joint and the Pygmy butt joint are differing approaches to the same solution. Either gets the job done with, in my opinion, leaving a little more effort being placed around the scarf. Do you want the tortured look of the CLC deck or the angular look of the Pygmy? I do not like the large cockpit feel of the CLC and preferred the smaller of the Pygmy. The distance between the outside of the coaming lip and the shear seam or ultimate side of the kayak seams to be tighter or closer on the pygmy. For my short arms, the angle or extension of my shoulders to consistantly and comfortably get the paddle in the water is better on my Artic Tern. The recessed coaming is great and I believe now offered by both companies but not sure. I suspect both kit companies overdesign for strength and quality is nuts on. My brother built a CLC and I the Pygmy and we could not be any happier. The Tern tracks like a frieght train w/o a rudder/skeg also considering I am not that heavy (160lbs). Just some opinions. I don't think you can go wrong with either company and don't let a few dollars deter you from a rewarding 100+ hour project that will also give you years of fun!

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