Where to buy minicell

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 25, 2005

"for future reference, what are the dimensions of the raw chunk of minicell?"

Scot, I buy my minicell right here at CLC, order the 24x24x3 chunk. I make my seat 16" long, width to suit the boat. I use the excess for hip pads, knee pads, etc., etc.

I make my seat blank 2" too wide, then cut a 1" deep slot in each side to accept the cheek plates; this locks the seat in place fore and aft and side to side. Then the backband and hip pads (not present in the Osprey HP) complete its entrapment in the cockpit, so I never have to glue or velcro a seat in. This allows me to remove the seat easily, by unsnapping the back band, so I may remove the water, gunk, pillbugs, and/or whatever else finds its way under the seat.

Cheers, Kurt

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