Re: Speaking of Velcro

Posted by terry on Apr 25, 2005

Yeah, velcro ain't always the best thing to use. I don't glue it directly to the minicel, for the reasons stated by LeeG. What I do do in the two boats where I want the seat adjustable is:

1. I install a small platform of 6mm on the bottom of the boat along the keel, about 9" wide by 18" long, epoxy aealed and supported in the middle by a narrow piece of spruce along the keel.

2. I shape the minicel seat to fit this platform and the slope of the botton along the sides of the deck.

3. I glue a piece of 4mm (epoxy sealed) to the bottom of the seat. This piece is the same width as the platform and shaped to follow the contours of the seat. I glue one side of the velcro to this piece of 4mm.

4. I glue the other part of the velcro to the platform, in two long parellel strips.

Works for me. I'm amazed that my laziness tolerates this much extra work. I do vacuum the velcro on occassion and one time I had to actually clean it with a fine comb after the darn cat slept on top of it. My next project may be to epoxy seal him!


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