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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Apr 24, 2005 another alternative. I rebuilt a kayak and gave it a larger opening so that my wife (handicapped) could get in it more easily. The opening is 42" long and 22" wide. I bought the material, traced out the pattern from the opening, transferred it to the fabric, cut it out, sewed and Voila! - a great homemade skirt was born. I used my Brooks spray skirt to sort out the angle of the tube. I still have to treat it with water proofing and I need to make a support to hold it up in the middle.

Making a spray skirt is a great alternative. Aside from getting a neo skirt (as suggested by Dick for good reasons), I think you will find that making your own will cost you less than half of what you will pay for a marketed skirt and you can dress it up with all kinds of great ideas (convenient pockets) as you think of them.

Something more to think of.

Robert N Pruden

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