Re: planer

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 24, 2005

You can always call Delta Tech Services, and lissen to some exceedingly soothing on-hold music for several hours between enduring an automatic greeting that you will swear is Chapter IV of "Gone With the Wind", and getting disconnected. Sometimes this helps, although I can't recall a single instance offhand.

There are a couple woodworking forums on the web, too, where you can get answers to questions like this. But it helps to understand, somehow, that "buy a Unisaw" is generally going to be the answer to yours, and/or any other query.

My own Delta 12" SnipeMeister is starting to feed funky too, but I hardly notice since I'm usually pretty busy cringing in a horrified manner at the savage mauling it's delivering to the first and last 6" of whatever expensive fodder I have dared to confront it with. The little monster. Pffft!

I think you'll probably do best if you just go ahead and buy the stinkin' Unisaw. Let me know how it goes, wouldja? I may have to buy one too, although it's just about the last thing I need at the moment.

Cheers, Kurt

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