Posted by Robert N Pruden on Apr 23, 2005

I do know that a Pygmy builder was extremely frustrated with the manual (very inadequate for a newbie) and had to buy a Waters Dancing manual (best on the market, lots of pics and excellent descriptions) to get his boat done. Waters Dancing is a Canadian company out here on the prairies. Go figure that one of the world's best boats can be bought in the middle of farm land. The kit prices are low, too!

The CLC manual is good and supported by very good service (all hearsay but from good sources). I have seen a CLC boat here on the river - it looked good. The builder was heavily in favour of CLC but then again, he had never tried a Waters Dancing. The way I see it, you have two choices, Waters Dancing or CLC, if you want trouble-free building. Once you get up soem good experience, then build a Pygmy.

Robert N Pruden

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