Re: Speaking of Velcro

Posted by LeeG on Apr 23, 2005

Velcro has some uses and not others,,in the long run I haven't found that velcro and seats holds up well. For seats I'd rather rely on wedging the seat side to side with the hip braces, fore/aft with notches in the sides of the seat for the hip braces. THEN up/down with some kind of removable hip pads. If the hip pads aren't an option then you can use minicell blocks jammed in behind the hip braces and on top of where the seat extends past the braces. This has been the most reliable method to date. Velcro is convenient but if there's any rough use, rescue practice or coastal paddling where kayak and paddler can part I find a large block of loose minicell is not acceptable. The problem with velcro on minicell is that eventually strong velcro tears the minicell or sand/water gum up the velcro.

In Response to: Speaking of Velcro by Mac on Apr 22, 2005



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