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Posted by Karl on Apr 23, 2005

I have only built a CLC, so I can't attest to the quality of Pygmy boats. Both operations seem to be well run though, so it would seem to come down to what works for you. The things that influenced my decisions were these; 1. The deck to hull joint, as has been mentioned, seems to be a little easier to construct, and (my opinion) would appear to be stronger through the use of sheer clamps. 2. Price, for what I needed, namely a large boat that could handle my gargantuan proportions, CLC got a slight edge in pricing. I also live on the East coast, so shipping charges would have been less from MD than WA. 3.Pure subjectivity. I liked the shape of the Chesapeake better than most of the models that Pygmy offered in my size range. Hey, I like the looks of a '51 Mercury lead sled better than a '68 Camaro SS, but they're both pretty darn cool!

That being said, I was very happy with the quality of the kit after I bought it. The overall support from this forum has been fantastic, both from CLC's people, as well as the regular cast of characters that show up here. I would absolutely (and probably will) do business with CLC again.

The opinions above do not necessarily reflect those of all forum members. Your results may vary. Use only as directed. Caution, side effects of wooden kayak building may include: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Marital discord, the stoppage of any other unrelated household handyman projects (see previous side effect), and an un-natural desire to sniff varnish fumes.

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