Re: clc kayaks versus pyg

Posted by Howard on Apr 23, 2005

i think both companies make a great product.

at the end i think its the styling of the boats that drives the decision as well as marketing.

for example, i happen to think the coho is a very pretty, great handling boat.

construction wise they are pretty similar..each company has some "signature" elements...clc's tortured deck for example, pygmy has their recessed the end i do not see one as being superior to the other from an engineering perspective.

i think they are also pretty close together on price....with a slight edge to clc based on my analysis.

clc has the forum which i think really helps their builders. but there are other kayak forums and getting assistance in building a pygmy, while a bit more work, is not impossible.

as to your garage situation...make sure you use slow cure and work in small batches if the temperature is over 80.

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