Re: clc kayaks versus pyg

Posted by Matt Croce on Apr 22, 2005

I looked at both CLC and Pygmy prior to deciding on CLC as well. Pygmy e-mailed me a copy of their plans (I was looking at the Artic Tern; I'm currently building a Chesapeake 16).

A couple of things in the Pygmy plans / designs convinced me not to go with them -- primarily, I don't like the way the deck is glued / glassed onto the hull -- using a syringe taped to a long stick to lay a bead of epoxy along the sheer seam seemed a little "iffy" to me, especially considering it's my first boat.

I also liked the curved decks of the CLC boats better than the angled decks of the Pygmy.

I do like the Pygmy's recessed coaming design, though, and I plan on building a couple of Pygmy GoldenEye 10's for my daughters once they are old enough to paddle.

Good luck, Matt

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