Re: bulkead issues

Posted by Howard on Apr 22, 2005

prior to planing the shear clamps, it is typical that the top of the shear clamp will be above the arc of bulkheads....1/4 inch..while a bit high is not overly high based on my experience. (1/4 inch on the rear bulkhead is more typical...2 to 3 milimeters is more what would be typical at the front bulkhead.)

the key is that when you extend the ark to the side panel that it intersects the inside edge of the side that when you keep the hull shape of the inside edge of the hull and you plane into the outside edge following the ark of your templates or bulkhead.

so i think you are probably just have a lot of planing in front of you.


In Response to: Re: bulkead issues by Rocko McCombs on Apr 22, 2005



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