Re: bulkead issues

Posted by Rocko McCombs on Apr 22, 2005

The top arc of the bulkhead hits the sheer clamp below its inboard edge. I have not planed the sheers yet. I'm at the stage where I fit the deck beams and endpours. The bulkheads did not fit well at the recomended location. I made them fit the best they would. I had about a 1/4 gap all the way around. This filled easily. If I would have made the top arc of the bulkead flush with the inboard edge of the sheer clamps, I would have had a 3/4" gap between the bottom of the bulkhead and bottom panels and my cockpit would have been 3"-5" longer.

In Response to: Re: bulkead issues by Steve on Apr 22, 2005



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