Re: coaming spacers

Posted by J.Schott on Apr 21, 2005

I used the same technique on my double for the spacers. What I did to keep the ends together was to drill a hole in each end of the spacers and attached a piece of scrap ply (wrapped in packing tape to keep it from being glued to the stack) to the top of the spacers. The spacers were screwed to the deck before clamping and the scrap ply kept the ends from spreading while clamping. After it was cured, It was popped off the deck, screws removed and the outside was sanded. Then the entire coaming could be glued to the deck with the top ring. I almost forgot, put some epoxy on the ends before screwing and clamping. The four pieces will be a solid ring when cured. I hope I haven't confused anyone, I often confuse myself. If you want some pics I can email them to you.

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