Re: "Beam" me up scotty..

Posted by CLC on Apr 21, 2005

Almost an inch...seems like the sheer clamps are stiff, curving out an extra 1/2" on each side to describe a more gradual---and less nuanced---curve around the bulkheads.

Gently pull the sides in and hold them there with the installed deckbeam, which is near the maximum beam point. Is the curve of the sides still fair? If so, that's the solution.

If pulling the sides in at the deckbeam casts noticeable unfairness into the hull---and I doubt it will---I'd simply build the boat a little wider. The underwater shape is the same, and there's loads of extra width on the kit deck panels.

In Response to: "Beam" me up scotty... by Mark Dehnart on Apr 21, 2005



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