Re: West River vs. Artic

Posted by CLC on Apr 21, 2005

Lee's point about speed is well taken, although I wasn't thinking of speed in referencing the BMW and the Saab. (Not that speed isn't nice; all things being equal, and if you don't mind less initial stability, the fast boat will achieve cruise speed at 40% effort while your paddling buddy is working at 55% in his slower boat.)

Anyway, I've found that for motorheads like myself, the fine shades of difference between kayak designs are easier to understand if related to automobiles, whose fine shades of handling are more widely understood. The BMW (say what you will about them): perfectly sprung and poised to act upon the driver's most subtle inputs. Not known for muscle-car speed but who needs that anywhere but on the race track?. (A fine description of the Arctic Hawk.) The Saab (we're talking handling, not reliability): roomy, comfortable, practical, and funky, but blisteringly fast when wanted and crisp in the corners.

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