Re: West River vs. Artic

Posted by Howard on Apr 21, 2005

I have both...the old wr180...and a new arctic hawk.

They are both great looking boats in their respective design genre.

the old kurt said, tracks like a freight is a go straight boat. i think clc addressed a lot of the criticisms on the old wr180 in the new wr18 which has less volume, more rocker and a new hull shape that makes it much more responsive to leaned turns.

so from my perspective....i would take the wr180 out of the equation and select between the bmw m3 (hawk) or the saab turbo (wr18)...

if you want to get exposure to different building techniques and exposure to an absolutely fantastic 400 page plus build manual...go for the hawk.

last though...the pretty roomy compared to the if you are a tight fit in the 17LT, pass on the hawk or wait for the Hawk GT which should be available in kit form from clc in the next couple months.

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