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Posted by LeeG on Apr 21, 2005

The keeline has roughly two parts. The center section is about 6' long and is slightly rockered. If you did nothing it could be anywhere from hogback (concave) to flat to slightly curved. After that the ends begin to curve up then the curve straightens out but still has a rockered component before the knee. Where the bottom panels start to sit parallel to each other near the ends what fair curve that theoretically exists is taken out by the changing position of the panels to each other from edge to edge to side to side. There isn't a "fair curve" from end to end as if you were to place a thin bending strip on the keel and bent it into a fair curve the keel and bending strip would be parallel. You don't need to introduce gap filling wedges in order to have the center section not be totally flat or concave. Just put a few pounds of small weights in the center of the cockpit near the keel and start loosening wires then push the center down. If you have to use wedges it would imply the panels aren't cut correctly which isn't the case.

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