Re: MC16.5 Trolling motor

Posted by Brett on Apr 21, 2005

I have been thinking about this as an option for my CLC double that is about 75% complete. I had the idea of some sort of mounting block that attaches to the bulkhead behind the rear paddler and just hangs over the side a little. The paddler can then reach the throttle and controls with the hand and the battery could easily be securely stored in the rear compartment. I was trying to work out if having the small electric motor to the side of the boat would create a turning force that would be difficult to counter. If I can come up with the bulkhead mounting design the advantage is it can be removed and not leave a giant chunk of ugly wood on the deck.

If anyone has the contacts for the people that have already experiemented with this I would love to get them.

The other viable option if you are too lazy to paddle is a nice sail. Throw a spinaker out and you could really start hooting.

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