Re: coaming spacers

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 21, 2005

I would build the entire coaming free of the boat altogether, except to use the deck as the form upon which to mold it. Or in other words, glue it all up, but with Saran Wrap between the riser and deck so it pops right off when the clamps are released. Then dress up the underside to complete satisfaction before gluing it onto the deck for real. Proceed as normal thereafter, whatever the hell 'normal' is.

I haven't actually done a plywood coaming this way, but I have seen it done - twice. And it is a breathtakingly beautiful detail to discover as you admire a boat! It also feels lovely on the ol' fingertips, which inevitably find their way under the coaming lip when paddling.

Perhaps this is an advanced building technique, but then, I see no reason why a person can't aim a notch higher.

Cheers, Kurt

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