Keel Line

Posted by Paul on Apr 21, 2005

OK I've got the bottom and side panels of my 16LT all stitched together. This is getting exciting now.

So the question is what is the proper keel line shape? Continuous curve from bow to stern, or should it flatten out in the mid section?

Right now mine has a bit of a sway back as it sits upside down on the horses (high for and aft, low in the mid section). It almost seems that the spreader bar is a bit too long and is pushing out the sides, flattening the bottom, but I've quadruple checked the out to out dimension of 23" (16LT).

Does wedging the keel joint from the inside induce curve or flatten?

Any insight would be appreciated and will save trial n' error. Really dislike that second part.

Thanks in advance.



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