Posted by LeeG on Apr 18, 2005

Aside from gross contamination like tack cloths or silicone schmutz what does the builder who has done EVERYTHING right do when they still get fisheyes and would prefer to stop the coat/sand/re-coat/sand/re-coat/sand cycle?

MAS mentioned static as being a culprit with a couple drops of lacquer thinner helping to reduce the probem. Coincidentally I just received an e-mail from JayHockenberry regarding fisheyes with thin coats of epoxy. This is a fellow who knows epoxy given that he built the first Sass12,14,16, SailrigII,Skerry,ChesterYawl,CLC Arctic Hawk and a slew of other new designs. He was having a re-current fisheye problem as well as heinous static issue with the shop vac. People in dryer climates than water towns like Annapolis might have this problem as static electricity doesn't discharge off of ojects as well when the air is very dry. He said that once he grounded the dryer and boat the epoxy coats went on fine with no fisheyes,,and that was after repeated wipe downs with alcohol or lacquer thinner. So if you've got a fisheye problem,,and there's no apparent issue of "contamination" you might try grounding the kayak.

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