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Posted by terry on Apr 13, 2005

So that's what they're called. Learn something every day (but I also forget at least as much each day, so I've abandoned all hope of ever getting ahead of the knowledge curve).

Anyhow, Mac noted seeing stem bands 3/4" wide. Now that would really repel some granite. Sadly, most kayaks lack the wide keel joint to mount something so wide.

Ahhhhhh, wooden canoes. If they ever invent a shot to cure my laziness and impatience, I'll build or restore one of those lovely craft. I did have a chance to buy one about 20 years ago. One of the rarer Old Towns with the built-in sponsons. It needed several ribs replaced and recanvasing, so I let it go. Maybe after I retire I'll scout out another to restore.

Back to some tedious work here at the office, but I'd rather be in the shop building a boat.


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