Re: west river 18

Posted by Joel on Apr 9, 2005

Well, I guess I can't say for sure about the WR18 because I built a West River 180 a few years ago, which was the predicessor to the WR18. Unfortunately I can't really compare it to the other boats you mentioned as I have never paddled them. What I can say is that I found the WR180 to have plenty of room for a whole week among the Apostle Islands. I was able to get a little more in it than an my old Cape Charles 17. What I did notice compared to my CC17 was that the aft deck is much flater, leaving less room in the aft hatch. But where I lost in the aft hatch I more than made up in the front hatch. I've had no problem with storage room on my WR180.

In Response to: west river 18 by John Enyart on Apr 2, 2005



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