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Posted by Karl on Apr 5, 2005

Yeah, that's pretty much it. I used a single piece of veneer, an Xacto knife, and a couple of leftover cans of W/B minwax stain that I had kicking around to create the different wood effects. The only thing I did to make it more difficult was to cut each of the pieces separately in order to make sure that the grain didn't run in exactly the same direction from piece to piece. I wanted the contrast. I think the entire process cost me, maybe, ten bucks, and that's only if you include the partial cost of the original cans of stain. I'm so cheap I even mixed the two stains I had together to yield a third color. End result; three stain colors + natural birch, set against Okoume = five wood tones in about 2 1/2 sq/ft. Anyone with a little experience building model airplanes and the like can do it.

Another thing I've seen done, I think even here on this forum, was the use of rice (silk?) paper to print a design on. The design is then laid out and glassed / epoxied over. The rice paper goes transparent leaving only the design visible. If anyone has some experience with this one, chime in.

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