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Posted by terry on Apr 5, 2005

I've built 3, 14-foot kayaks. One was a CLC 14 that I modified for some friends by raising the sheer 1". I did not move the forward bulkhead, as both of the intended paddlers are on the short side. They both weigh about 150 lbs. and love the boat, though they note it is more tender (tippy) than their plastic boats.

The other two are of my own design (no wisecracks here, buys) and are about an inch wider than the stock 14, have a higher sheer, more fullness fore and aft of midships and a longer cockpit. The one I designed for myself has adequate vertical footroom (I'm 5' 10", 175 lbs., size 11 shoe) but the horizontal footroom is a bit cramped. A stock CH 14 is even more cramped forward for someone my size.

Nonetheless, for short paddles on protected waters we love the boats. At less than 32lbs., they are easy to car top and carry to more remote put-ins, and are adequately comfortable for a few-hour paddle. For llonger paddles and/or less protected waters, you'll want something larger for adults.


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