Re: CLC 14 for Adult & Ch

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 4, 2005

Charlie had the nerve to ask, in my presence:

"...wonder what the distance between the seat and forward bulkhead on the CLC 14 and how it compares to the CLC17?"

And now I have the nerve to reply:

Geeeeez, Looo-eeeeze Tuna-Brain...! Whatever you MAKE IT??

Sigh, Kurt

ps: To the rest of y'all, Charlie and I know each other on sight, so don't take this wrong. I feel mighty free to rag on him, and he feels mighty free to consider the source!

Charlie -- will I see you at the TKKB??? JH, you lissenin'????

Texas Kayak Builders Bash 2005!!!

In Response to: Re: CLC 14 for Adult & Ch by Charlie Tuna on Apr 4, 2005



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