Deck Install

Posted by Gober on Apr 4, 2005

I am building a MC13. Yesterday I put the deck on. By far this was the hardest step so far. I was having hell getting the deck to meet the carlins. I wanted the deck to have a more kayakish cockpit rather that the standard MC 13 design. The deck went smooth up to the forward bulkhead but as I passed it the deck wanted to keep the 18 inch radius and not flatten out. I used 3 tie downs and a helper. I was never able to get the carlins and the deck to totally meet. I rough cut the opening and used spring clamps to make it meet solid around the cockpit opening. A few on the nails were trying to pull out but I was eventually able to get it to lay down fairly smooth. Anyone have any hints to deck installs. Usually when I fininsh a step I see how I could have done it faster, easier or better but with the deck install I didnt see any easier or better way. ~gober



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