Re: K1 - Getting Ready...

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 4, 2005

Wow, ol' Mac pretty much said it all for me! Kyle, that was the meatiest, most useful thing I have read on the subject ever since I began asking about it! Thank You!!!

I understand perfectly what you're saying. In fact, I often lean to where I'd fall right over if it wasn't for the stroke I was leaning into. I believe my Cormorant serves me exceptionally well in anticipating the K1, since it's already so tippy itself.

And Mac hit the nail squarely on the head when he said I'm gonna have FUN with this thing. When it gets hot here in Texas, being IN the water is half the joy of kayaking! Man, I can't wait!! I love a high spirited boat, I love going fast, and I love getting wet!!! Ain't no fear here - only joyous anticipation of it all...

Cheers, Kurt

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