Re: Wet Sanding

Posted by Mac on Apr 4, 2005


The one thing they never tell you is that varnish takes possibly longer than epoxy to be hard enough for the next coat (approx 24 hrs) and that, while we usually do 3 coats of epoxy, 4 - 6 coats of varnish is the norm. This isn't a lot of work - it's a lot of WAITING, and adds over a week to the project (hull then deck) This is where folks start working on paddles or carving mini-cell seats - problem is, you have to use a different room in the house so you don't get crap in the varnish. (More looks from the spouse - sigh.)

But Steve is right, varnish is SO much easier and more fun than epoxy application.

Also, if you wet sand, there is NO dust.

You'll love it and your good mood will be infectious and your wife will love you and there will be peace in the valley and..

You'll end up with a beautiful boat that your lady will brag about to all her friends (behind your back of course).

Don't know if that parts Zen - but its life.

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