Re: re-do?

Posted by CLC on Apr 3, 2005

I've re-read your description and my sense is that you're seeing some teensy-tiny air pockets in the cured epoxy in the weave of the 2-ounce fabric.

You'd think 2-ounce would soak up epoxy like tissue paper, but it doesn't always. If the resin was a little more viscous at the moment you squeegee'd it into the fabric, it might not have penetrated the ultra-fine weave in the 2-ounce. The resin being a little cooler or a little further along in the chemical activation would do it.

You want to spend some time in your "thinking chair" (an essential boatbuilding tool, according to Howard Chapelle). That will take some delicate sanding, indeed, to sand off the 'glass without sullying up the top veneer of the 4mm plywood. Take the boat out in the sunlight and see if the weave is as visible in full lighting.

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