Re: varnish?

Posted by Mac on Apr 3, 2005


Howard's probably correct regarding ZSpar. I don't know where you live - and that may have something to do with what you use. I live in Canada, and deal with CLC's affiliate here called Noah's Marine. They recommend Epifanes (imported from Holland). I've beaten up one Epifane'd kayak for a year, and am doing another as we speak.

From what I can gather, don't buy varnish at your Home Depot type store. Get spar varnish from a marine dealer.

The most important factor is Ultra Violet protection - the more the better. This may cause the varnish to be dark - Elifanes is a very deep maple syrup colour as it is full of solids, and thick as heck - needs to be thinned a lot. All good marine varnishes will harden to about the same degree - but it takes quite a long time. Some experts leave their boats in the sun for weeks before subjecting them to any kind of real punishment.

Many, many thin coats of whatever you choose, and your boat becomes a work of beauty.


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