Posted by Howard on Apr 2, 2005


here is the issue.

am on the final steps of completing my arctic hawk the varnishing stage.

if i stand off to the side or any angle not perpindicular to the coaming, i can see a distinct lighter coloured band where the deck reinforcing extra layers of 2oz cloth are placed.

when i look at this really close, i can see shadows of weave that i cannot see in the areas with just 1 layer of cloth.

did i not wet this out properly and is this what is giving me this effect? or is this something that happens when you have differences in the layup schedule?

if it is a mistake (everybody else was able to do this with no difference in colouration)...can it be fixed? and what is the way to go about this? do i sand it back to the wood or first layer of glass in this area and redo the layup? what is the best way to remove the glass in the arched portion without cutting into the mahogony?

i am sure it passes the viewed from far-away test..but i was really hoping for i am inclined to take a step back to get it right. just would like some advice on how or if i am going to get the same problem on a redo- or a redo is too risky.

thanx for the input.




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