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Posted by CLC on Mar 30, 2005

A 6-ounce (by volume) epoxy endpour at each end will weigh 18 ounces, assuming you just use straight resin and hardener for the endpour. (I just weighed it.) It'll be lighter if you use fillers in the epoxy.

18 ounces ain't nothing, of course, but I think it's a worthwhile tradeoff for the strength it adds. You can't install a rudder---ANY brand or type---without an endpour or something resembling an endpour at the stern. And for long-term durability, nothing beats having a solid plug of epoxy at the bow for hitting docks and things.

We advocate rounding the pointy bows off as much as you can stand, for safety and durability.

The type of grab handle is up to the builder, but toggles or rope loops through holes drilled in endpours is my KISS-principle choice.

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