Re: End Pours

Posted by Howard on Mar 30, 2005

my view is that if you properly filleted and taped the bow and stern seams (from the knuckle to the tip), and that you are careful to epoxy up under the shear clamps in that area to ensure that you have no exposed wood...that end pours as described in the clc manual are not necessary if you are not drilling a hole for grab handles.

that being said...i would recommend that you fill the gap in the bow and stern by lengthening the shear clamps/cutting them to fit to the ends or carving and glueing some extra shear clamp material to fit into that gap and making sure it is sealed with epoxy. you need this to give the deck pieces something to attach to and to avoid creating a pocket that will hold water if the boat were stored upside down and it happened to have a bit of water in it.


In Response to: End Pours by Jim Andrews on Mar 30, 2005



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