Varnishing questions

Posted by Aaron J. on Mar 30, 2005

So its finally gotten warm enough to varnish my ash thwarts and seats. (they are already sealed in epoxy and sanded to 220). I applied the first coat Monday and then Teusday I sanded with 320 after which I washed off the peices with a rag dampened with mineral spirits, let that dry for about an hour and then applied the second coat. (I'm using the Captain's varnish btw). Today I went to sand and noticed that while I was able to sand it down and ended up with a noticably smoother finish the varnish seemed to roll up like sanding epoxy that hasn't hardened yet. It doesn't look like it will cause any trouble but I wanted to check and make sure this isn't a sign that I'm doing something wrong. The temp has been ~70 here all week and it had a solid 24 hours before sanding. Perhaps I should have let it dry a little longer after wiping it with the mineral spirits?

Also I was curious as to how long I should let the final coat cure before I can get in the water. These are seats so they will get sun eposure and splashed but its not like they are going to be submerged. I was asuming a week would be fine in this weather.



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